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Hi my name is Dot Roux

Is Life feeling difficult? Do you feel alone? I've been there too. That's what drove me to study psychology, become a counsellor and do a further degree in play therapy.

With over 700 hours of telephonic and face to face counselling at Life Line and Hope House, KidStart Early Intervention Centre and Kronendal Primary I've gained valuable experience working with trauma, suicidal feelings, relationship counseling and working with children who have developmental issues. Let me use my experience to support you through the challenges you face.

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At Hope House I spent close to 400 hours doing relationship counselling parents and couples to open up lines of communication and reduce conflict. I also counselled people struggling with life changes such as divorce, cancer diagnosis, changing jobs.


Working at Lifeline for 100 hours I counselled people struggling with suicidal thoughts, abuse in the home and the effects of trauma from hijackings and home invasions.


I spent two years working as a mentor for at risk young adults in care. I’ve specialised in Play Therapy through Play Therapy International (accredited Member of PTI, a registry approved by PSA). Currently I work at Kronendal Primary school 2 days a week working with children who are struggling with behavioural, developmental, or social challenges.

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I am offering a 30 minute evaluation of your case, if you feel comfortable with me and belive that I can assist you we can setup a formal paid for session.